We are here to provide our customer convenience, all our animal breeds are special, friendly and intelligent looking for a loving household.

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The caretaker for all the animals is Larry Queens, Larry and I fell in love with both the Dogo and the Frenchy breed simply by the way they look and love from an aggressive look to and cute loveable look and the big and small look was something we knew people would love to have a choice in. We have been breeding dogs 🐕 for over 12 years now, the reason we choose to breed these two breed again is basically the natural of where these breed are from the Frenchy is due to the cute ears and friendly playful active and protective, as for the Dogo is totally opposite and have characteristics of strength 💪🏾 fast and very smart also with the aggressive look, the Dogo is also known to be a hunting dog.

We love to train our dogs on various equipment like treadmills and ropes where we build there stamina and agility to not only be fit also to be playful and protective. The food we feed our dogs range from the Nulo freestyle grain free to Purina propane for small breed as for the Dogo Argentina we feed them with high quality diet filled food such as Hill large breed puppy food, and also Purina propane for adults.

Who we are and why you should choose us.

L&L Dogo and Frenchy animals facility is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction and support rendering excellent service, quality pet,  providing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere of pets at an acceptable price. We have  maintain a friendly creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas, and honesty.


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